One of the major milestones along the path to becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary County is the passage of a Sanctuary County Resolution. We have created this page as a place to share links to articles that contain actual Sanctuary County Resolutions that have been successfully passed by the leadership in their counties.

If you would like to start the process of helping your county become a Second Amendment Sanctuary County, please take a look at some of the articles below and feel free to copy the text and change it as you see fit to suit your county. This page serves as a resource for you to find examples of previously used resolutions that you can use as models for a resolution of your own. Please share this page to anyone that you think could benefit from seeing examples of Second Amendment Sanctuary County Resolutions.

Articles with Resolutions Attached

If your county is not listed on this page, we might have already published it on our site, but we just don’t have a copy of the resolution that was passed for your county. If you can get a copy of the resolution to us, we would truly appreciate it. Please send copies of all resolutions to