Clearwater MN, passes Second Amendment Sanctuary

The Second Amendment Sanctuary County Committee presented the following motion: Motion by Commissioner Newland, seconded by Commissioner Titera and carried, to adopt the Resolution declaring Clearwater County as a Second Amendment Sanctuary County

Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee Votes to table HB 961 until next year

According to this video from Guns & Gadgets, Virginia's Assault Weapons Ban HB 961 has been tabled until next year by a 10 to 5 vote.

2A Victories in Nebraska & Maryland

2A Victories in Nebraska & Maryland makes the news!

0 makes its first appearance on a news broadcast. This is pretty awesome! Hopefully there will be much more where that came from.

Virginia Going After 1st Amendment & Anti Gun Bill Hearings

Our friends over on the Guns & Gadgets Youtube channel updates us on Virginia House Bill HB1627.