Virginia Going After 1st Amendment & Anti Gun Bill Hearings

Our friends over on the Guns & Gadgets Youtube channel updates us on Virginia House Bill HB1627.

Wytheville, VA 2A Rally Jan 19, 2020

0 All eyes are on Richmond Virginia for tomorrow's Lobby Day Second Amendment Rally, but today the eyes were on Wytheville, Virginia located just south of the West Virginia line....

Saslaw VA, Hot Mic – 2nd Amendment Supporters are “crazy” and “like little kids”

In this video from Freedom Videos, Dick Saslaw refers to Second Amendment Supporters as "crazy" and "like little kids" at Fairfax County meeting.
Why we keep and bear arms Sanctuary Counties

Why we fight for our right to keep and bear arms – #SanctuaryCounties

The West Freeway Church attack should serve as a lesson to all who question why we fight for our second amendment rights.

Dan Bongino weighs in on the situation in Virginia

"The purpose of the constitution is that they're binding rules for all of us. The liberals seem to think they're only binding rules for conservatives."

Philip Van Cleave joins Mrgunsngear to talk about the unconstitutional gun laws in Virginia

Philip Van Cleave gives an interview with Mrgunsngear about the unconstitutional laws proposed in Virginia and how Virginia counties are fighting back.

Crystal Vanuch – Governments mistrust citizens with guns because they have evil plans –...

"When any government mistrusts its citizens with guns it's sending a clear message; it no longer trusts citizens because it has evil plans." - Crystal Vanuch

Chad LeBrun warns, “When you lose a right, you don’t get it back.” –...

Chad LeBrun encourages us to educate, not hate our fellow Americans and to stand up for our rights because once lost, we won't get them back.

A warning from Fairfax County, Virginia – #PatriotVoices

A powerful speech out of Fairfax, Virginia warning of the troubled state of our commonwealth and the possibility of conflict that it poses.

Iraqveteran8888 addresses Virginia’s Sanctuary Counties and new proposed gun laws

Popular YouTubers are beginning to really take notice of what's going on in Virginia. Check out Iraqveteran8888's thoughts in this video.
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