New Mexico Governor Sends Message To Sheriffs Regarding Red Flag

New Mexico Governor Sends Message To Sheriffs Regarding Red Flag

Nick Freitas: How to get 2A Sanctuary Counties supporters to vote

Nick Freitas discusses how he is working to ensure that the supporters of the Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties movement actually go out and vote.
Bedford County Tennessee

With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?

Two Republicans decided not to support a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County Resolution in Bedford County, Tennessee. The resolution never even came to a vote.
Why we keep and bear arms Sanctuary Counties

Why we fight for our right to keep and bear arms – #SanctuaryCounties

The West Freeway Church attack should serve as a lesson to all who question why we fight for our second amendment rights.

New Mexico Red Flag Bill Heading To Governor’s Desk

New Mexico Red Flag Bill Heading To Governor's Desk

Arizona: HUGE Gun Ban Bill Submitted

If you live in Arizona and you have been watching what is going down in Virginia then this video should seriously concern you.

Two Veterans Perform Citizens Arrest on Entire County Board, They Laugh Until Sheriff Shows...

Many times, normal people get frustrated and wonder what they could possibly do to fight an out of control government. This could happen at the local, state or national level.

Polk County WI, County Board of Supervisors makes county a Second Amendment Sanctuary

Board of Supervisors designate Polk County as a Second Amendment Sanctuary County, and passed that resolution by a 10-5 vote. makes the news!

0 makes its first appearance on a news broadcast. This is pretty awesome! Hopefully there will be much more where that came from.

Iraqveteran8888 addresses Virginia’s Sanctuary Counties and new proposed gun laws

Popular YouTubers are beginning to really take notice of what's going on in Virginia. Check out Iraqveteran8888's thoughts in this video.