The Sign of Our Times

Dr. Judy Mikovits exposes the narrative that our legislators and the medical community are pushing on us, to destroy lives and any possibility of freedom.

IOWA: Red Flag Submitted After Bloomberg Money Hits

IOWA: Red Flag Submitted After Bloomberg Money Hits Iowa Red Flag Bill, HF2367

California ammo law shot down & GOA requests help to allow you to carry...

A California law regarding ammo purchases was shot down and the GOA is asking people to sign a petition to allow carrying on Army Corps of Engineers land.

This is HUGE!!! These 8 States Could Form The Interstate Compact on 2nd Amendment...

These 8 States Could Form The Interstate Compact on 2nd Amendment Sanctuary!

Two Veterans Perform Citizens Arrest on Entire County Board, They Laugh Until Sheriff Shows...

Many times, normal people get frustrated and wonder what they could possibly do to fight an out of control government. This could happen at the local, state or national level.

Reid Henrichs Speech at Virginia Militia Muster(Franklin County)

In this informative video, Reid Henrichs of Valor Ridge gives a speech at the Franklin County Militia muster. Representatives from the VCDL also spoke at the event.

H.R. 5717 – Never let a good crisis go to waste

As the nation is dealing with a global pandemic, Representative Johnson (D-GA) is trying to push through a very harsh gun control bill, H.R. 5717.

Dan Bongino weighs in on the situation in Virginia

"The purpose of the constitution is that they're binding rules for all of us. The liberals seem to think they're only binding rules for conservatives."
Why we keep and bear arms Sanctuary Counties

Why we fight for our right to keep and bear arms – #SanctuaryCounties

The West Freeway Church attack should serve as a lesson to all who question why we fight for our second amendment rights.

Saslaw VA, Hot Mic – 2nd Amendment Supporters are “crazy” and “like little kids”

In this video from Freedom Videos, Dick Saslaw refers to Second Amendment Supporters as "crazy" and "like little kids" at Fairfax County meeting.