The Northern Tyrant Governor Bans Guns from State Capital

May 7 2020, Michigan Republicans sought to strip State Governor Whitmer of her emergency powers, after unconstitutional restrictions.

Warren County, VA Board Chairwoman tries to shut down public comments and then this...

Warren County Chairwoman tried to stop public comments on Constitutional Sanctuary resolution and patriots begin singing National Anthem.

Dan Bongino weighs in on the situation in Virginia

"The purpose of the constitution is that they're binding rules for all of us. The liberals seem to think they're only binding rules for conservatives."

Sawyer County, WI passes Second Amendment Reaffirmation Resolution

On July 16, 2020, Sawyer County's Board of Supervisors passed a resolution reaffirming their commitment to the Second Amendment and the Right to Bear Arms.

Tennessee Gov. Lee announces Constitutional Carry without permit if over 21 years old

This legislation is about increasing freedom for law-abiding citizens and implementing harsher penalties for criminals.

Iraqveteran8888 addresses Virginia’s Sanctuary Counties and new proposed gun laws

Popular YouTubers are beginning to really take notice of what's going on in Virginia. Check out Iraqveteran8888's thoughts in this video.

Arizona: HUGE Gun Ban Bill Submitted

If you live in Arizona and you have been watching what is going down in Virginia then this video should seriously concern you.

A warning from Fairfax County, Virginia – #PatriotVoices

A powerful speech out of Fairfax, Virginia warning of the troubled state of our commonwealth and the possibility of conflict that it poses.

Philip Van Cleave joins Mrgunsngear to talk about the unconstitutional gun laws in Virginia

Philip Van Cleave gives an interview with Mrgunsngear about the unconstitutional laws proposed in Virginia and how Virginia counties are fighting back.

Washington County, MD declared a Second Amendment Sanctuary

On Nov. 17, 2020 the Washington County, Maryland Board of County Commissioners unanimously passed a Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution.
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