Chad LeBrun warns, “When you lose a right, you don’t get it back.” –...

Chad LeBrun encourages us to educate, not hate our fellow Americans and to stand up for our rights because once lost, we won't get them back.

Crystal Vanuch – Governments mistrust citizens with guns because they have evil plans –...

"When any government mistrusts its citizens with guns it's sending a clear message; it no longer trusts citizens because it has evil plans." - Crystal Vanuch

The Sign of Our Times

Dr. Judy Mikovits exposes the narrative that our legislators and the medical community are pushing on us, to destroy lives and any possibility of freedom.

Nick Freitas fights for Second Amendment Rights – #PatriotVoices

Nick Freitas gives a powerful speech in support of the Sanctuary County resolution at the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors meeting.

This is HUGE!!! These 8 States Could Form The Interstate Compact on 2nd Amendment...

These 8 States Could Form The Interstate Compact on 2nd Amendment Sanctuary!
Bedford County Tennessee

With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?

Two Republicans decided not to support a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County Resolution in Bedford County, Tennessee. The resolution never even came to a vote.

H.R. 5717 – Never let a good crisis go to waste

As the nation is dealing with a global pandemic, Representative Johnson (D-GA) is trying to push through a very harsh gun control bill, H.R. 5717.

Tennessee Gov. Lee announces Constitutional Carry without permit if over 21 years old

This legislation is about increasing freedom for law-abiding citizens and implementing harsher penalties for criminals.

A warning from Fairfax County, Virginia – #PatriotVoices

A powerful speech out of Fairfax, Virginia warning of the troubled state of our commonwealth and the possibility of conflict that it poses.

Dan Bongino weighs in on the situation in Virginia

"The purpose of the constitution is that they're binding rules for all of us. The liberals seem to think they're only binding rules for conservatives."
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