Kuna City, Idaho declares itself a Second Amendment Sanctuary

On January 5th, the Kuna City, Idaho City Council declared that Kuna is a Second Amendment Sanctuary City; the 5th 2A Sanctuary city in Idaho.

Ladies, Tell Us Your 2A carry (‘WHY’) Story

Women carry firearms for the same reason men do. PROTECTION. Women have learned that THEY are their own FIRST line of defense. They KNOW that they are physically vulnerable and sadly, there are predators out there that look upon women and children as prey.
Second Amendment Stories - Picture of a gun, with bullets and the Constitution

Second Amendment Stories – 04MAY2020

Catch up on some of the Second Amendment Stories that you might have missed recently.

My Gun, My Rights

As the Constitution of the United States supports the right to bear arms, and common law allows one to protect oneself from assault, then these ideals must govern. ...
Picture shows a pregnant woman - Text reads, "Sanctuary for the Unborn"

Ackerly, TX outlaws abortion and becomes the nation’s 17th “Sanctuary for the Unborn”

So far, 17 cities across the nation have passed ordinances delcaring themselves to be "Sanctuaries for the Unborn".
Woman holding a photo while looking at an ultrasound. Text reads: Sanctuary for the Unborn

Ellis County, Texas is a Sanctuary for the Unborn

On January 28, 2020, Ellis County, became the first county in Texas to declare itself to be a Sanctuary for the Unborn.

City of Eagle, Idaho is declared a Second Amendment Sanctuary City

Eagle City Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution

Nebraska is Now a 2A Sanctuary State, but the Work is Not Done

Governor Pete Ricketts proclaimed Nebraska is a Second Amendment Sanctuary State. However, the work is not yet done.
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