Constitution on an American Flag with a gun and bullets in the foreground

Sanctuary Resolution Rejection by Shasta County (CA) Board of Supervisors

In July 2020, Shasta County Gun Owners presented a 2A Resolution to the county board, which was rejected. Now the board faces a recall.
2A Sanctuary Counties National Map for 26MAY2021

Adding TX & AR as 2A Sanctuary States makes over 56% of counties 2A...

With the addition of Texas and Arkansas as 2A Sanctuary States, well over half of the counties in America are Second Amendment Sanctuaries.
Picture shows a mobile phone displaying a vaccination certificate. Text reads: Say Not To Vaccine Passports

This county is trying to become a Vaccine Passport Sanctuary

While states inflict vaccine passports upon their citizens, one county is trying to fight back by becoming a Vaccine Passport Sanctuary.

Nebraska is Now a 2A Sanctuary State, but the Work is Not Done

Governor Pete Ricketts proclaimed Nebraska is a Second Amendment Sanctuary State. However, the work is not yet done.


Elected leadership in Baraga County, Michigan sign the "BARAGA COUNTY MANIFESTO" in defiance of COVID-19 restrictions.
Picture shows coronavirus and text that reads, "When are you going to Fight Back"

These cities and counties fought back against COVID19 restrictions

As states continue their coronavirus lockdowns, some cities and counties are fighting back and declaring themselves sanctuaries.

Kuna City, Idaho declares itself a Second Amendment Sanctuary

On January 5th, the Kuna City, Idaho City Council declared that Kuna is a Second Amendment Sanctuary City; the 5th 2A Sanctuary city in Idaho.
Woman holding a photo while looking at an ultrasound. Text reads: Sanctuary for the Unborn

Ellis County, Texas is a Sanctuary for the Unborn

On January 28, 2020, Ellis County, became the first county in Texas to declare itself to be a Sanctuary for the Unborn.

City of Eagle, Idaho is declared a Second Amendment Sanctuary City

Eagle City Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution
Picture shows one hand holding a vaccine while the other hand makes a thumbs down sign. Text reads: Vaccine Mandate Sanctuary?

Did Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska become a Vaccine Mandate Sanctuary?

On November 10, 2020 the Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska Assembly passed a resolution opposing mandated COVID-19 Vaccinations.