Washington County, WI passes a Constitutional Rights Resolution

On July 8, 2020 the County Board of Supervisors of Washington County, WI passed a resolution reaffirming their oaths to support the US and WI Constitutions.

Marquette County WI, declares a Constitutional Sanctuary County

The Marquette County board overwhelmingly passed Resolution 23-2020 declaring itself a Constitutional Sanctuary County.

Waukesha County, WI Passes Resolution in Support of the Right to Bear Arms

On May 26, 2020 the Board of Supervisors of Waukesha County, Wisconsin passed a resolution supporting the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

Polk County WI, County Board of Supervisors makes county a Second Amendment Sanctuary

Board of Supervisors designate Polk County as a Second Amendment Sanctuary County, and passed that resolution by a 10-5 vote.

Oneida County WI, passes Second Amendment Resolution

Oneida County Board opposes any executive or legislative action under consideration by the Governor and/or the Wisconsin State Legislature, which would abrogate, diminish, or in any way infringe upon the full legal rights of due process

Monroe County WI, becomes a Second Amendment sanctuary

Monroe County Wisconsin declared its support for the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution by a 15-1 vote. The resolution also had the support of the County Sheriff and the District Attorney.

Langlade County WI, votes and passes Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution

Langlade County voted 18 Feb 2020 during public hearing last night to become Wisconsin's 3rd 2A Sanctuary County, the motion passed.

Vilas County WI, Board Approves 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Vote

The Vilas County Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution supporting 2nd Amendment rights this week by a vote of 14-6

Rusk County WI, pass resolution showing support for the Second Amendment

Refusing to designate as a Sanctuary but merely a statement of their support for the Second Amendment the Rusk County Board passed a resolution stating as such.

Washburn County WI, passes Second Amendment resolution

Reviewed history of the resolution; Supv S. Smith spoke for the change of wording to eliminate reference to a '2nd amendment sanctuary county' which the law Enforcement committee had addressed. Discussed the importance of upholding the Oath of Office which is taken by law enforcement and other officials. Supvs. Olsgard, Ford, Featherly spoke against the resolution. Roll Vote' yes (14), No (6)
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