Person County NC, affirms Second Amendment rights

On the 18th of February 2020, the Person County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution to affirm its commitment to the Second Amendment. After Commissioner Puryear made a motion to substitute the resolution with the one that was passed by the republican party, which failed 1-3, a vote was made that passed unanimously that put into effect the same resolution passed by Surry County.

Burke County NC, A Constitutional Rights Protected County

Per the Burke County Board of Commissioners live video broadcast, Public remarks began at 18:10, At the 47:20 mark the Resolution Declaring Burke County, North Carolina A Constitutional Rights Protected County

Granville Co. NC, passes Second Amendment Resolution

On the 17th Day of February 2020, Granville County Board of Commissioners voted and unanimously approved the passage of their reaffirmation and oath towards the constitution and declared it would oppose within the limits of the constitutions of the United States and of the State of North Carolina, any efforts to restrict the constitutional rights of its citizens including the right to bear arms.

Chowan County NC, passes Second Amendment resolution

Back in August of last year this very subject came up in Chowan County, If they had passed the proposal then they would have been one of the first in North Carolina as a whole. They had tabled it, recently they brought the resolution back seeing their neighbors push forward with similar resolutions.

Brunswick County NC, unanimously passes second amendment resolution

Brunswick County commissioners unanimously passed a resolution Monday to declare the county a “constitutional protected rights county.”

Lee County NC, passes support of the second amendment resolution

Monday the 17th the Lee county board of commissioners took on the challenge brought forth to them to pass a resolution to support the second amendment. The commission chose to readopt the version they had previously released.

Carteret County NC, adopts Support of the Second Amendment resolution.

On 17th of Feb 2020 the Carteret COunty Board of Commissioners approved the whole of the Consent Agenda which included the passage of #16 on the docket

Martin County NC, passes Second Amendment Resolution

Martin County passes its Second Amendment Resolution unanimously. Video of the Commissioners meeting can be seen through the link above on Facebook.

Madison County NC Board Of Commissioners pass Second Amendment Resolution 4-0

The Madison County Board of Commissioners meet this 11th day of February. After the pledge of allegiance and moment of silence in lieu of the common prayer by most other commissions several people came to the podium to speak 13:56 in favor of passing the resolution.

Onslow County NC, Passes resolution supporting Second Amendment

The Onslow Board of County Commissioners UNANIMOUSLY passed a resolution to support the Second Amendment Monday afternoon.