Columbia County FL, to become a Second Amendment sanctuary

Columbia County is the latest local government in North Central Florida to affirm its commitment to the 2nd Amendment.

Taylor County FL, Commissioners declare Second Amendment sanctuary

County commissioners unanimously declared Taylor County a “Second Amendment Sanctuary” Monday evening, joining at least 15 other Florida counties who have done the same.

Lee County FL, Unanimously Passes Second Amendment Preservation Resolution

The Board formally declares its support of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States; that the Board hereby affirms that it will not condone unconstitutional infringements of that right; and, that the Board calls upon the Governor and the Florida Legislature

Wakulla County Becomes ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’

In a 5-0 vote, Wakulla County became the second county in the state of Florida to declare itself a "Second Amendment sanctuary."

Dixie Co. FL, declared Dixie County as a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

The five members of the Dixie County Board of the County Commissioners on Thursday morning (Dec. 5) unanimously declared Dixie County as a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

Lafayette County FL, becomes Second Amendment sanctuary

The Lafayette County Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved declaring the county a “Second Amendment sanctuary” at its Dec. 9 meeting.

Polk County FL, commissioners vote to become ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’

Polk County is the newest addition to the growing Second Amendment Sanctuaries. On Tuesday, commissioners unanimously approved a resolution

Madison Co. FL, passes Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution

After brief discussion, Commissioner Kelley presented a motion to instruct staff to draft a resolution in support similar to the resolution approved by Suwannee County.

Putnam County FL, becomes 2nd Amendment sanctuary county

Commissioners passed a resolution in Putnam County unanimously Tuesday morning that would make the county a Second Amendment sanctuary county.

Bay County FL, pass “Second Amendment Sanctuary”

Bay County has officially joined other Florida counties by declaring itself a second amendment sanctuary.
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