Gulf County FL, passes Second Amendment resolution

At the 8:00 AM mark the commissioners bring forth the resolution, and make statements reiterating the state of the country and their stance.

St. Johns Co. FL, Commissioners vote for resolution to be a 2nd Amendment sanctuary

Commissioners in St. Johns County have voted unanimously for a resolution declaring the area a Second Amendment sanctuary.

Columbia County FL, to become a Second Amendment sanctuary

Columbia County is the latest local government in North Central Florida to affirm its commitment to the 2nd Amendment.

Highlands County FL, passes symbolic resolution protecting gun rights

The resolution to make the county a “second amendment sanctuary” passed by a 3-2 vote – but legal scholars say it won’t do anything to prevent lawmakers from strengthening gun restrictions and passing so-called “red flag laws."

Escambia County FL, declares itself a Second Amendment ‘sanctuary’ Officially

Escambia County Commissioners passed a resolution declaring the county a Second Amendment "sanctuary" Thursday night without discussion in a 3-0 vote.

DeSoto Co. FL, New gun sanctuary county in Florida after unanimous vote

A Southwest Florida county is taking a stand and says it will protect people’s second amendment right to bear arms. DeSoto County just became a gun sanctuary county on Wednesday.

Wakulla County Becomes ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’

In a 5-0 vote, Wakulla County became the second county in the state of Florida to declare itself a "Second Amendment sanctuary."

Bay County FL, pass “Second Amendment Sanctuary”

Bay County has officially joined other Florida counties by declaring itself a second amendment sanctuary.

Lafayette County FL, becomes Second Amendment sanctuary

The Lafayette County Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved declaring the county a “Second Amendment sanctuary” at its Dec. 9 meeting.

Nassau Co. FL, pass Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution

Nassau County Commissioners - Bring forth, discuss and vote on the 2nd Amendment resolution
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