Sanctuary Counties News

Georgia bill would block ‘red flag’ orders that require surrender of guns

State Rep. Ken Pullin has filed legislation targeting any future laws that would require those who are found to be a threat to themselves or others to surrender their weapons.

Second Amendment supporters rally in Frankfort; express concern of restricted gun rights

A number of people gathered out the Capitol in Frankfort Friday in support of the Second Amendment.
Boone County Kentucky

More action in Kentucky as Boone County prepares to become a Sanctuary County

Boone County, Kentucky hopes to join Harlan County in becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. They will be the first in Northern Kentucky to do so.
Why we keep and bear arms Sanctuary Counties

Why we fight for our right to keep and bear arms – #SanctuaryCounties

The West Freeway Church attack should serve as a lesson to all who question why we fight for our second amendment rights.

King George seeks 2nd Amendment sanctuary status

The Free Lance Star reports on a Board of Supervisors resolution that would make King George a Second Amendment sanctuary.