Hundreds of Sanctuary County supporters came out to Virginia Beach

So many people showed up to Virginia Beach that the fire marshall had to shut down City Hall. Check out this story and see how big an impact we are making.
Boone County Kentucky

More action in Kentucky as Boone County prepares to become a Sanctuary County

Boone County, Kentucky hopes to join Harlan County in becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. They will be the first in Northern Kentucky to do so.

Virginia: House Passes Bloomberg’s Gun Ban

On February 11th, the House of Delegates voted 51-48 to pass House Bill 961 following fierce opposition from citizens. Michael Bloomberg’s bought and paid for lawmakers have moved HB 961 very quickly.

Who wants to be a deputy?

Taking a novel approach to addressing proposed new gun laws, Culpeper County's Sheriff states that he'd properly screen and deputize thousands of citizens.

Accomplished moonwalker, Northam walks back some restrictions while leaving others in place.

Seeing the outrage from the sanctuary counties movement, Governor Northam walks back some proposed second amendment restrictions; surprising nobody.
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