Sanctuary Counties News

Gun-rights issue brings crowd to Metcalfe County KY, Fiscal Court

Metcalfe County Fiscal Court held off Tuesday on joining several other county governments that have approved various versions of actions supporting their residents' right to own firearms.

Grantsburg, WI is now a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Town

The town of Grantsburg, Wisconsin has declared itself to be a Second Amendment Sanctuary Town.

How about some more refugees here in Virginia?

Governor Northam is working really hard to bring more potential anti-gun refugees into the state.

King George seeks 2nd Amendment sanctuary status

The Free Lance Star reports on a Board of Supervisors resolution that would make King George a Second Amendment sanctuary.

We don’t need none of that California nonsense here in Virginia.

Slowly but surely, the politics of states like California and New York are coming to Virginia. If you want to stop it, now is the time to step up!
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