Philip Van Cleave is fighting for your rights. What are you doing?

Philip Van Cleave was fighting for your Second Amendment rights today. What were you doing? Now is the time to get activated.

Who wants to be a deputy?

Taking a novel approach to addressing proposed new gun laws, Culpeper County's Sheriff states that he'd properly screen and deputize thousands of citizens.

King George seeks 2nd Amendment sanctuary status

The Free Lance Star reports on a Board of Supervisors resolution that would make King George a Second Amendment sanctuary.

AG Herring says he expects all Virginians to follow his new laws

The new Attorney General seems to think that the Sanctuary Counties movement has no teeth whatsoever and that you're all just gonna do as you're told.

Tazewell County – Sanctuary County, militia, and concealed weapons training?

Not only is Tazewell County now a Sanctuary County, but apparently they also passed a militia ordinance. Should other counties consider militia ordinances?

Hundreds of Sanctuary County supporters came out to Virginia Beach

So many people showed up to Virginia Beach that the fire marshall had to shut down City Hall. Check out this story and see how big an impact we are making.

Shenandoah County residents make their voices heard.

Citizens of Shenandoah County are not giving up without a fight. Check out how many of them showed up at their recent board of supervisors meeting.

Who needs a grandfather clause?

Think you're going to be OK as long as you buy your rifle before the new laws go into effect? Think again. It appears that there is no grandfather clause.

Governor Blackface is gunning for your guns.

My, how quickly the tides have turned. We were once a commonwealth living peacefully with one another and then Governor, "Coon Man" decided that it was high...

We don’t need none of that California nonsense here in Virginia.

Slowly but surely, the politics of states like California and New York are coming to Virginia. If you want to stop it, now is the time to step up!
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