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KY Gov. Beshear talks Second Amendment sanctuaries, Bevin’s pardons while in Paducah

Beshear said the Second Amendment is strong and already protects people's rights. He went on to say that he doesn't see any infringement on that right.

How about some more refugees here in Virginia?

Governor Northam is working really hard to bring more potential anti-gun refugees into the state.
Picture of Eric and Jillian Wuestenberg - text reads: 100% Disabled Air Force Veteran Needs Help! Husband and wife defend themselves and get charged with assault.

100% Disabled Air Force Veteran Needs Help

The Wuestenberg family needs your help! Please support this 100% service-connected disabled Veteran whose family is being punished for defending themselves.

Governor Blackface is gunning for your guns.

My, how quickly the tides have turned. We were once a commonwealth living peacefully with one another and then Governor, "Coon Man" decided that it was high time Virginians...

Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties are Expanding

The push for 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties is expanding by leaps and bounds. Check out the latest post by Ammoland about the fight for our 2nd Amendment.

Virginia: House Passes Bloomberg’s Gun Ban

On February 11th, the House of Delegates voted 51-48 to pass House Bill 961 following fierce opposition from citizens. Michael Bloomberg’s bought and paid for lawmakers have moved HB 961 very quickly.
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Second Amendment Sanctuary on the Ballot in Four Oregon Counties

Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances are on the ballot in the OR counties of Clatsop, Columbia, Coos and Umatilla. Vote YES for the SASO!

AG Herring says he expects all Virginians to follow his new laws

The new Attorney General seems to think that the Sanctuary Counties movement has no teeth whatsoever and that you're all just gonna do as you're told.

Hundreds of Sanctuary County supporters came out to Virginia Beach

So many people showed up to Virginia Beach that the fire marshall had to shut down City Hall. Check out this story and see how big an impact we are making.

Philip Van Cleave is fighting for your rights. What are you doing?

Philip Van Cleave was fighting for your Second Amendment rights today. What were you doing? Now is the time to get activated.
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