VA Sheriffs show up and join VA gun rights rally

At least one Virginia sheriff could be seen showing support for pro-gun rights activists who rallied at the Virginia Capitol building in Richmond on Monday. Grayson County Sheriff Richard Vaughan...

How about some more refugees here in Virginia?

Governor Northam is working really hard to bring more potential anti-gun refugees into the state.
American Sanctuary Counties Map

Updated Map of American Pro Second Amendment / 2A Sanctuary Counties – 1/18/2020

Here is a map of Sanctuary Counties all across the country. This map was submitted by a follower of the website and a true patriot.

Governor Blackface is gunning for your guns.

My, how quickly the tides have turned. We were once a commonwealth living peacefully with one another and then Governor, "Coon Man" decided that it was high time Virginians...
Sanctuary Counties News

Arizona: Our View; 2nd Amendment sanctuaries need teeth to be effective

Biasiucci’s bill to make Arizona a Second Amendment sanctuary state is a symbolic message at the state capitol and a reassurance to gun-loving voters.

Virginia: House Passes Bloomberg’s Gun Ban

On February 11th, the House of Delegates voted 51-48 to pass House Bill 961 following fierce opposition from citizens. Michael Bloomberg’s bought and paid for lawmakers have moved HB 961 very quickly.

Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties are Expanding

The push for 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties is expanding by leaps and bounds. Check out the latest post by Ammoland about the fight for our 2nd Amendment.
National Sanctuary County Map Update 2-12-2020

Updated Map of American Pro Second Amendment / 2A Sanctuary Counties – 2/12/2020

Updated 2/12/2020 - This map shows the counties that we are aware of in the United States that have declared themselves Sanctuary Counties. Please share.
Sanctuary Counties News

Gun-rights issue brings crowd to Metcalfe County KY, Fiscal Court

Metcalfe County Fiscal Court held off Tuesday on joining several other county governments that have approved various versions of actions supporting their residents' right to own firearms.
Sanctuary Counties News

Letter: 2A Sanctuaries: Richmond misses the mark again

As 100 communities adopt Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions, the leftist elite in Richmond continue to misunderstand this movement among the citizenry.
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