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Second Amendment Sanctuary on the Ballot in Four Oregon Counties

Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances are on the ballot in the OR counties of Clatsop, Columbia, Coos and Umatilla. Vote YES for the SASO!
Updated Map of American Sanctuary Counties – 1/23/2020

Updated Map of American Pro Second Amendment / 2A Sanctuary Counties – 1/23/2020

Updated 1/23/2020 - This map shows the counties that we are aware of in the United States that have declared themselves Sanctuary Counties. Please share.

Washington State, House Passes Bill to Expand Court-Ordered Gun Confiscation

Courts could be one step closer to ordering people subject to vulnerable adult protection orders to surrender their firearms after the House voted 55 to 42 on Friday, Feb. 14 in favor of a bill that expands authority to do so.

Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties are Expanding

The push for 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties is expanding by leaps and bounds. Check out the latest post by Ammoland about the fight for our 2nd Amendment.
Bedford County Tennessee

With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?

Two Republicans decided not to support a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County Resolution in Bedford County, Tennessee. The resolution never even came to a vote.
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Georgia bill would block ‘red flag’ orders that require surrender of guns

State Rep. Ken Pullin has filed legislation targeting any future laws that would require those who are found to be a threat to themselves or others to surrender their weapons.

’We’re gun-friendly’: NJ town calls itself a 2nd Amendment sanctuary

A New Jersey town council approved a resolution last week that proclaimed it a “sanctuary township” for law-abiding gun owners.

Grantsburg, WI is now a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Town

The town of Grantsburg, Wisconsin has declared itself to be a Second Amendment Sanctuary Town.
Sanctuary Counties News

Waynesboro city council takes no action on second amendment resolution

After about three hours of discussion and comments, Waynesboro City Council took no action on a proposed resolution to make the city a "constitutional city."
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Urgent! Help Nick Freitas Fight Against Democrats’ Dirty Cheating

Democrats are trying to cheat Nick Freitas the way they are trying to cheat President Trump. Don't let them steal Virginia's 7th District!
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