Rockbridge Stands Ready

In case you thought yours was the only county stepping up; take a look at your fellow patriots in Rockbridge County. This 2A Sanctuary movement is not a fluke....

Spotsylvania County stands up to tyranny! Unanimous vote to pass Sanctuary County resolution!

A massive turnout lead to a unanimous vote from the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors in support of the Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution.

Hundreds of Sanctuary County supporters came out to Virginia Beach

So many people showed up to Virginia Beach that the fire marshall had to shut down City Hall. Check out this story and see how big an impact we are making.

Tazewell County – Sanctuary County, militia, and concealed weapons training?

Not only is Tazewell County now a Sanctuary County, but apparently they also passed a militia ordinance. Should other counties consider militia ordinances?

Standing Room Only at Bedford County Courthouse

Standing tall beneath the stars and stripes; patriots from Bedford County pack the local courthouse in defiance of liberal attempts to take away their God-given rights to self-defense.

A big night for the Sanctuary Counties Movement

Tonight was a big night for the Sanctuary Counties Movement, but the fight is just begun. Find out how to spread the word and keep up the momentum.

It may be just a symbolic gesture, but if so, it’s a damned big...

They keep telling us that the Sanctuary County movement is just a symbolic gesture. Even if it is, the size of it is absolutely astounding. Check it out!