Georgia Map - Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties

Georgia Sanctuary Counties Map Update – 1/28/2020

Updated 1/28/2020 - This map shows the counties that we are aware of in Georgia that have declared themselves Sanctuary Counties. Please share.
Updated Map of American Sanctuary Counties – 1/23/2020

Updated Map of American Pro Second Amendment / 2A Sanctuary Counties – 1/23/2020

Updated 1/23/2020 - This map shows the counties that we are aware of in the United States that have declared themselves Sanctuary Counties. Please share.
How to become a Sanctuary County

How to become a Sanctuary County

Would you like your county to become a Sanctuary County? If so, this information will help you get started. Be sure to pass it along to anyone who needs it.

Don’t trust Virginia Democrats on gun control

Virginia Democrats may have partially bowed to gun owners due to the overwhelming response to their gun seizure efforts, but they still cannot be trusted.

Virginia 2a Sanctuary Map Update – 12/15/19

The 2A Sanctuary County movement is spreading. The most recent map update shows 73 2A Sanctuaries, 15 still pending. Share this information to everyone!

VA’s National Guard addresses Northam’s ridiculous “consequences” on National Guard’s 383rd Birthday

On the National Guard's 383rd birthday, Ralph Northam would like to say that he'llt use the Virginia National Guard in contravention to the Constitution.

It may be just a symbolic gesture, but if so, it’s a damned big...

They keep telling us that the Sanctuary County movement is just a symbolic gesture. Even if it is, the size of it is absolutely astounding. Check it out!

Accomplished moonwalker, Northam walks back some restrictions while leaving others in place.

Seeing the outrage from the sanctuary counties movement, Governor Northam walks back some proposed second amendment restrictions; surprising nobody.

Who wants to be a deputy?

Taking a novel approach to addressing proposed new gun laws, Culpeper County's Sheriff states that he'd properly screen and deputize thousands of citizens.

AG Herring says he expects all Virginians to follow his new laws

The new Attorney General seems to think that the Sanctuary Counties movement has no teeth whatsoever and that you're all just gonna do as you're told.
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