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Warren County, VA Board Chairwoman tries to shut down public comments...

Warren County Chairwoman tried to stop public comments on Constitutional Sanctuary resolution and patriots begin singing National Anthem.

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Montour County, Pennsylvania is now a Bill of Rights Sanctuary County

On February 9, 2021 Montour County Commissioners passed Resolution R-2-9-2021 declaring Montour County a Bill of Rights Sanctuary County.
National Second Amendment Sanctuary Map Updated March 1, 2021

New National Map shows a Staggering 1,188 2A Sanctuary Counties

As politicians attempt to use tragedies to take rights away from law-abiding citizens, more than 37% of U.S. counties have been declared Second Amendment...
National Firearms Owners Association Sanctuary County Map 30MAR2021

New Nebraska Second Amendment Sanctuary State Map Update 30MAR2021

Updated 3/30/2021 - This map shows the counties in Nebraska that have been declared 2A Sanctuary Counties. Please share.
Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties Map

New – Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties Map for January 15, 2021

Updated 1/15/2021 - This map shows the United States counties that have declared themselves Pro-2A / 2A Sanctuary Counties. Please share.

Arizona passes 2nd Amendment Firearm Freedom Act

On April 6, 2021, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed HB 2111 "2nd Amendment Firearm Freedom Act," making AZ a Second Amendment Sanctuary State.
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