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95% of VA Counties are 2A Sanctuaries. 93% Voted for Youngkin. Coincidence?

Virginia Second Amendment Sanctuary Updated Map June 01 2021

In a stunning upset in Virginia’s gubernatorial race, Glenn Youngkin has been declared the winner. Many may attribute this win to some of the major issues that have been brought to light in the latter days of the campaign such as Critical Race Theory, transgender bathroom issues / sexual assaults, parents at school board meetings being investigated by the federal government, etc. However, we should not forget that approximately 95% of Virginia’s counties (91 out of 95) declared themselves 2A Sanctuaries after Democrats took control in Virginia.

Out of those 91 2A Sanctuary Counties, 93% of them (85 counties) have voted in favor of Glenn Youngkin at the time of this writing. This number is subject to change as there are still a number of precincts that have not finished reporting in at this time. However, while we might have hoped / expected 100% of these 2A Sanctuary Counties to vote for Glenn Youngkin, we also need to keep in mind that now Governor-Elect Youngkin did not fill out surveys on behalf of the Virginia Citizen’s Defense League or the National Rifle Association. Additionally, he did not seek out nor receive their endorsements.

While the issues of gun rights and gun control were not the highlights of the Virginia gubernatorial campaign, as Cam Edwards pointed out on yesterday’s Bearing Arms podcast, it may very well be that guns are “The Hidden Issue In The Virginia Election.” You can see from the spreadsheet that we have put together that the vast majority of Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties came out in support of Glenn Youngkin for Governor. The speed at which the 2A Sanctuary Movement caught fire in Virginia was an indication that Virginia is full of Second Amendment supporters, and the results of this election should also be a reminder that Second Amendment supporters vote.


  1. The first thing (after getting rid of mail in ballots, and then banning the ability for votes to be added after the polls close): is to pass a 2nd amendment sanctuary law and a constitutional carry law in Virginia.

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