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Eleven Iowa Counties are now Second Amendment Sanctuaries


Iowa Firearms Coalition Board Member, Richard Rogers reports that there are now eleven counties in Iowa that have passed Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions. He also reports that the Iowa Firearms Coalition is actively engaged in a campaign to encourage Iowans to urge their local elected officials to support Second Amendment Sanctuary status.

SanctuaryCounties.com is still working to acquire the resolutions for these eleven counties and when we get them, we will publish individual articles for each county. If you have a copy of the signed resolutions for these counties, please send them to contact@sanctuarycounties.com. If you would like to support our efforts so that we can more rapidly process these new 2A Sanctuary Counties, please support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sanctuarycounties

New Iowa 2A Sanctuary Counties

The following eleven counties are reported to have passed 2A Sanctuary Resolutions:

  1. Adams County
  2. Carroll County
  3. Cedar County
  4. Chickasaw County
  5. Clarke County
  6. Hardin County
  7. Jasper County
  8. Madison County
  9. Mills County
  10. Washington County
  11. Wayne County

2A Sanctuary State Map

We have also decided to create an updated state map for Iowa as we have seen in the past that having these maps can be very useful at county board meetings as a visual aid and to help convince county board members that they are not alone in their state in supporting a 2A Sanctuary resolution. Please find the updated Iowa Second Amendment Sanctuary State map below:

Iowa Second Amendment Sanctuary Map – Updated August 31, 2021

We only include high-quality/low file size images in our articles to ensure fast page load times. If you’d like a slightly higher resolution version of this map, click here. For a much higher resolution version of this map, click here. As always, our maps are 100% free to use for any purpose (personal/political/news/commercial) with 2 caveats. All we ask is that you do not remove our logo and that you link to our homepage (http://sanctuarycounties.com/) if you are going to use our map in any articles.

Updated National 2A Sanctuary List

We have added the eleven Iowa 2A Sanctuary Counties to our national Second Amendment Sanctuary List. They are currently marked as “County Level 2A Sanctuary Article Coming Soon.” We use that marking to indicate that we have seen proof (or have been informed by a reliable 2A supportive source) that the county has passed a 2A Sanctuary resolution or ordinance, but we are still conducting research to track down a signed copy. You can view our national 2A Sanctuary List by clicking here.

Support Iowa Firearms Coalition

If you are an Iowan who wants to support those who are fighting for your rights in the state of Iowa, please consider visiting the Iowa Firearms Coalition’s website: www.Iowafc.org. You can also follow them on their Facebook page for all the latest updates on the 2A Sanctuary push in the state of Iowa: https://www.facebook.com/IowaFirearmsCoalition

This 2A Sanctuary effort is very important for more reasons than you may realize. We have seen in the past that when Nebraska was declared a 2A Sanctuary State, Governor Pete Ricketts specifically highlighted in his Sanctuary State proclamation the fact that a large number of counties in the state had already passed 2A Sanctuary resolutions/ordinances. Additionally, recently a number of congressmen in North Carolina pointed to the number of 2A Sanctuary Counties in the state in a letter that they penned to their Governor and Attorney General, imploring them to ignore Joe Biden and the ATF as it pertains to new restrictions on Second Amendment Rights:

We have seen how these resolutions can provide ammunition for Governors to sign pro-2A bills and proclamations and also how they also provide representatives with justification to petition their state’s elected leaders in support of the Second Amendment. In short, these resolutions and ordinances are more than just nice words on paper. As they get passed in one county after another, they can have a state-level impact. So make sure to support the people that are out there fighting for your rights.

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