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A tale of two Sanctuary Movements

In their latest map update, the Center for Immigration Studies provides a list of cities, counties and states that have passed illegal immigration sanctuaries throughout the country. We decided to create a spreadsheet from their list so that we could compare it to our own list of Second Amendment Sanctuary counties. We focused solely on counties as we do not have a compilation of 2A Sanctuary cities to compare. In states that have been declared sanctuaries at the state level, we consider every county within to be a sanctuary as well. 

Our comparison revealed that there are approximately 518 illegal immigration sanctuary counties in the country compared to the 1,930 Second Amendment sanctuary counties at the time of this writing. There are approximately 3.725 times as many 2A Sanctuary counties as there are illegal immigration sanctuary counties in the United States. Adjust the slider on the map below to see the difference between the size of the Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement and the illegal immigration sanctuary movement.

Illegal Immigrant Sanctuary CountiesSecond Amendment Sanctuary Counties
Maps comparing illegal immigrant sanctuary counties to Second Amendment sanctuary counties.

Similar tactics, vastly different results

The Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement is based on the same methodology as the illegal immigration sanctuary movement; namely, passing local resolutions / ordinances declaring municipalities to be sanctuaries. Second Amendment supporters decided that if liberals were able to declare localities to be sanctuaries for illegal immigrants, then Pro-2A citizens should be able to declare their own localities to be sanctuaries for their God-given, Constitutionally-protected rights, such as the Second Amendment.

What is even more interesting to note is the fact that while the illegal immigration sanctuary movement has been underway for the better part of four decades, the Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement only kicked into high gear in 2019. Given the tremendous differences in timelines for these two movements, the success of the 2A Sanctuary Movement is nothing short of impressive.

Even more impressive is the fact that the Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement is completely grassroots, and operating at a distinct disadvantage from a communications perspective due to liberal-friendly social media companies shutting down 2A Sanctuary Groups on a whim. Facebook shut down multiple 2A Sanctuary groups, preventing hundreds of thousands of Second Amendment supporters from being able to communicate and coordinate in support of 2A Sanctuary efforts in their county / state. We actually had to create our own groups on alternate social platforms because of this. Given this handicap, you wouldn’t think the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement would have progressed so quickly, yet seemingly every few days another county passes a resolution or ordinance in support of the Second Amendment.

The future of the Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement

In many ways, the future of the movement is already here. Despite the massive size of the 2A Sanctuary Movement, it is only one facet of a growing Constitutional Sanctuary Movement that is currently underway. It would appear that individuals in counties that have passed 2A Sanctuaries have decided to apply this methodology to supporting their other Constitutional Rights as well.

In the aftermath of COVID-19, given the response to the virus by governors, mayors, county boards of supervisors, and school boards across the country, it should be no surprise that there would be a backlash to the actions of these mini-tyrants. That backlash has taken the form of a myriad of sanctuaries for the rights being trampled in cities and counties across the country. Here is a short list of just a few of the various types of Constitutional Sanctuaries that have sprung up in the wake of the Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement and are picking up their own momentum:

There are also a surprising number of counties and even states that are passing resolutions / legislation to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory in public schools. We refer to these as “Education Sanctuaries,” and plan to publish sample resolutions that can be taken to county governments / school boards for a vote as soon as possible. 

In addition to the Education Sanctuaries, Sanctuaries for the Unborn are seriously picking up steam. There are at least 9 Pro-Life Sanctuary Counties at the time of this writing and in Texas alone, there are now 33 Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn, including Lubbock, Texas. The Sanctuary for the Unborn Movement is poised to explode across the nation the same way the Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement did. We are in the process of tracking down county-level resolutions that were passed so we can get those online for you all to take to your county boards, but we already have a few city-level resolutions / ordinances on the site that you can use.

Beating them at their own game

While things may seem dire at the moment with Democrats having control of the presidency and both houses of congress, not all is lost. In cities and counties across the country, conservatives have been pushing back hard against infringements upon their rights in a movement that is possibly as vast and consequential as the Tea Party Movement. You might find it odd, then to learn that the mainstream media has largely ignored our Sanctuary Movement.

We certainly thought it was strange that they didn’t want to talk about the surge in Second Amendment Sanctuaries, nor the expansion of the movement from that single issue to a broader list of Constitutional Sanctuaries. One would think that this was at least somewhat newsworthy. Although when considering the matter from their perspective, maybe it is best not to shed light on this movement. Perhaps they don’t want to highlight the fact that in four decades of effort, they have created sanctuaries in only 16% of American counties, while in the past 2 years (for the most part), we’ve created sanctuaries in more than 61% of American counties

This is rather embarrassing for the liberals and may very well be the reason they are staying silent on the issue, and that’s fine. We’re beating them handily at a game that they created and they are so afraid to talk about it that most liberals won’t even realize that we’re a political threat until it’s too late to stop us.

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