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Announcing the 2A Sanctuary National Map of Shame

Did your county block a 2A Sanctuary effort? If so, then let's call them out!


We have decided that not only is it important to track the positive progress that counties are making in supporting the Second Amendment; but it is equally important to expose the counties and county elected officials that actively or passively delay, obstruct, or refuse to support 2A Sanctuary / Pro 2A resolutions/ordinances. 

In honor of our recent efforts to support Shasta County Gun Owners, we decided to feature Shasta County, CA as our very first “honoree” on the 2A Sanctuary National Map of Shame. Don’t worry, there will be plenty more to come! You may have seen our recent article about the effort to recall the county board that is underway in Shasta County. We believe that if elected county officials refuse to support the God-given rights of their citizens, then those citizens should seek to replace their officials in a recall or other lawful manner with ones that believe in the importance of halting and reversing the losses of our Second Amendment recognized Rights.

This is Long Overdue

Since the beginning of this Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement there have been county commissioners, members of boards of supervisors, or other elected officials that have actively attempted to thwart the passage of these resolutions. They have tabled the resolutions/ordinances indefinitely, refused to vote on them, voted against them, made excuses as to why they weren’t necessary and engaged in all manner of other shenanigans in their efforts to weasel their way out of supporting the rights of their citizens. It is time to call these individuals out and fight back.

How can you help?

If you live in or know of a county in which a 2A Sanctuary Resolution/Ordinance was brought forward only to be blocked by elected county officials, please let us know. There are a few bits of information that we would like you to gather in order to submit your county for inclusion.

  • Link to a news article, video, meeting minutes, etc verifying the failure of the 2A Sanctuary Resolution/Ordinance
  • Names of the individuals who voted against the 2A Sanctuary Resolution/Ordinance
  • Districts that these individuals represent
  • Dates when these individuals are up for reelection
  • Names / Campaign websites of pro-2A candidates running against anti-2A Sanctuary county board members

Where do you send this info?

Richard Gallardo from Shasta County Gun Owners has graciously volunteered to gather this information, build out the map and assist with associated articles. He can be contacted via the methods listed below:

Richard Gallardo

Political Action Cmte Lead

Shasta County Gun Owners / CRPA chapter


Editor – Shasta County Citizen Journalist

Facebook, Minds.com, Gab.com, Rumble.com


Would you like to help us with this effort?

We are always looking for folks to chip in. If you would like to help gather information, research, build maps, etc, just email us at contact@sanctuarycounties.com.

Please Support Us On Patreon

If you support the work that we are doing, please consider contributing to our Patreon. Google likes to cut off our ads from time to time, so we really need your help! Keeping a site like this up and running is very expensive, so if you’d like to help us out, please visit: https://www.patreon.com/sanctuarycounties you can also click on the image below. Thanks!

Picture of the American Flag with Sanctuary Counties and Patreon Logos

New Website!

We recently launched a new website. It is a news aggregation website that gathers news from across the country related to the Constitutional Sanctuary movement. The website is called ConstitutionalSanctuaries.com. The site is updated daily, so check it out if you’d like to stay up to date on the latest Constitutional Sanctuary news!

New Web Store!

We recently set up an online store: https://www.redbubble.com/people/SanctuaryCounty/. RedBubble is a very popular online platform that allows you to support our efforts by purchasing our designs on dozens of different products including T-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, masks, magnets, coffee mugs, pillows, etc. If you would like to support us, please consider shopping from our store!

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