2A Sanctuary Counties National Map for 26MAY2021

UPDATE: Last night we verified that Gov. Asa Hutchinson had already signed HB 1957. Arkansas is officially a Second Amendment Sanctuary. Additionally, Tennessee’s Gov. Bill Lee signed their Second Amendment Sanctuary bill as well. We appreciate your patience as we try to keep up with all the new county and state-level 2A Sanctuaries. We’ll be keeping an eye out for Texas as well, so make sure to check the homepage for that update.

We have come a long way folks! Generally, we don’t publish an updated national or state Second Amendment Sanctuary map before the ink is dry, but we have been getting a number of requests for an updated map. Both Texas and Arkansas state legislatures have passed their own Second Amendment Sanctuary legislation and we are waiting patiently for their respective governors to sign them and make them official.

So, for the sake of our followers, we decided to create a new map showing what the status of the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement will be once the governors of Texas and Arkansas make things official. If it turns out that one or both of these governors do not sign their legislation, we will publish a new map that reflects that. Also, because this map is not 100% official yet, we are not going to post it in the National Maps section of this website.


We have noticed a number of news outlets that have stated that all of these counties had individually passed their own ordinances or resolutions in support of the Second Amendment. This, sadly, is not true. When we report that more than 56% of counties are now (or very soon will be) Second Amendment Sanctuaries, this includes counties that have not yet passed county-level resolutions or ordinances which are located in states that have passed state-level Second Amendment Sanctuary legislation. The greater than 56% number represents all counties that are protected by either county-level OR state-level 2A Sanctuary legislation.

By The Numbers

Now that we have made this clarification, let’s dig into the numbers a little bit. If you would like to check our work, we actually created a spreadsheet that you can reference. If you find that we have made a mistake in our calculations, feel free to email us at contact@sanctuarycounties.com.


The total number of counties that have passed their own county-level resolutions / ordinances / proclamations / etc is 1,135. That represents 36.10% of all counties or county equivalents in the United States. When we include all of the counties that don’t have their own 2A Sanctuary resolutions / ordinances, but are in states that have passed 2A Sanctuary State legislation and include those counties in Texas and Arkansas that were not already covered by county-level 2A Sanctuary resolutions / ordinances, that number increases to 1,788 counties that are protected by a 2A Sanctuary at either the county or state-level. This represents 56.87% of all counties in the United States.

If this is confusing, just remember that if a state declares itself a 2A Sanctuary, we consider every county within that state to also be a 2A Sanctuary. If they already have their own county-level 2A sanctuary, that is great, but we do not count them twice.


If you check out the spreadsheet that we linked above, you may notice that we have a number of counties listed as “County Level 2A Sanctuary Article Coming Soon”. As we have mentioned in the past, the new 2A Sanctuaries are coming faster than we can archive them. You can either take us at our word that these counties have passed their own resolutions or ordinances, or you can go ahead and research it yourself.

There are news articles verifying every one of these counties. However, rather than just linking to a news article, we contact each county to try to get signed copies of resolutions and we archive them here on the website so that other people can use these resolutions and ordinances to craft their own version for their own county. One of our goals is to get copies of every 2A Sanctuary resolution / ordinance / etc and archive them all on the site. If you would like to see one of the hundreds of these resolutions / ordinances that we already have on the site, just visit our Resolutions page.

High Resolution Map

As always, we make high-resolution 2A Sanctuary maps available for the media to use free of charge. You have our permission to use our maps on your websites, social media posts, and even in your news broadcasts with only a minor request. All that we ask is that you do not remove our logo from the map and that you provide a link back to our homepage: http://sanctuarycounties.com/. If you use this in a news broadcast / podcast / YouTube video / etc, then we ask that you state the name of our website (i.e. “Sanctuary Counties dot com”) when you use the map. We’ve seen a few news outlets that used the map in a broadcast, but didn’t mention where they got it from. Basically, the only thing we really ask for is that you give credit where the credit is due.

In order to reduce page load times here on the website, we never post high-resolution images directly on the article. Instead, we keep them in a shared folder where you can access them without slowing down the page. If you would like a high resolution of the map in this article, please click here.

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