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Nebraska is Now a 2A Sanctuary State, but the Work is Not Done


Nebraska is now a Second Amendment Sanctuary State. While this is great news for the 2A Sanctuary Movement, we must keep in mind that this movement also has roots in local politics. So, while we appreciate this support at the state level, we also encourage the passage of Second Amendment Sanctuary protections at the town / city / county level. Additionally, while we appreciate this proclamation from the governor, we also recognize that a proclamation is not a bill / act / law. It’s a good start, and we’ll take wins where we can get them, but let’s not get complacent and assume the work is done.

For an example of how Nebraska can improve on this proclamation, we need not look further back than the Arizona Second Amendment Firearm Freedom Act, which was signed on April 6, 2021. Proclamations from governors are great, but passing actual bills through state legislatures is the goal. In Nebraska, Legislative Bill 188, Senator Steve Halloran’s “Second Amendment Preservation Act,” would provide serious penalties for using state resources to help enforce federal gun control schemes that do not also exist in Nebraska law. That bill is still stuck in committee.

While we applaud Governor Ricketts, for proclaiming Nebraska a Second Amendment Sanctuary, we also continue to hope that his proclamation will be followed by meaningful policy directives to the law enforcement officials he directly oversees: the Nebraska State Patrol. We should also continue to encourage local communities to get involved in this process and pass town / city / county Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances and Resolutions.

We have been informed that at least 50 of the 93 counties in Nebraska have already passed Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions or ordinances. Now that more than 50% of counties in the state of Nebraska have already supported the 2A Sanctuary movement, this should send a clear message to the state legislature that passing actual Pro-Second Amendment legislation is supported throughout the state.

We will be updating the 2A Sanctuary map for Nebraska, but we wholeheartedly encourage all towns, cities and counties in Nebraska to pursue 2A Sanctuary status as well. Here is an updated map for the county level 2A Sanctuaries.

Nebraska 2A Sanctuary Counties – 13APR2021

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