Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty 2A Sanctuary County Map 27MAR2021

We recently received an updated Wisconsin Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties Map from the Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty. We like to publish the maps from Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty because they provide greater detail regarding efforts that are underway in Wisconsin than we have the ability to report on ourselves.

According to Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty, Shawano and Lafayette Counties passed their resolutions while Vernon voted theirs down. The status changed on a number of counties due to the teams stopping work, primarily due to Covid and the county boards going to virtual meetings. New teams are starting in several counties.

If you know of any other gun rights groups that are tracking the 2A Sanctuary Movement in another state and creating maps that are more detailed than ours, please ask them to email us at contact@sanctuarycounties.com as we would be more than happy to publish their maps and link to their website to send traffic their way.