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It would appear that the Sheriff and a number of elected county officials in Baraga County, Michigan have signed what they call the “BARAGA COUNTY MANIFESTO,” in defiance of their governor’s COVID-19 restrictions. I do not know what legal standing a signed manifesto has, but it seems newsworthy, so I am including it.


We, the undersigned county officials, having been duly and Constitutionally elected by the Citizens of Baraga County, Michigan, do hereby declare on this 11th Day of January, 2021:

Since March 10, 2020 the People of the State of Michigan have endured restrictions on their freedom which have not been seen in North America since the days of King George III and the American Revolution. In the face of a worldwide pandemic our political leadership in Lansing has ignored the protections guaranteed to all America citizens by the Bill of Rights in favor of medical models designed to predict the course of a still, for the most part, unknown virus. The result has been the unilateral adoption of clearly unconstitutional measures which treat human beings like herd animals and which arbitrarily pick economic winners and losers. Our citizens’ rights to assemble, to freely practice their religion, to travel, to keep their property, businesses and jobs, even to dress as they please have all been swept aside, and to what end? The pandemic rages on and Lansing’s failed efforts to control the spread of the virus is blamed on the People themselves rather than the scientific community’s admitted lack of data and understanding of COVID 19.

Enough is enough. We have taken an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, an oath we take very seriously. Accordingly, we hereby put the State of Michigan on NOTICE that we have no intention of participating in the unconstitutional destruction of our citizens’ economic security and Liberty. We further declare our intention to take no action whatsoever in furtherance of this terribly misguided agenda. Finally, we call upon the Michigan Legislature to exercise their co-equal authority by adopting constitutionally sound measures which limit the unchecked exercise of executive power, which restore individual responsibility and accountability, and which return Michigan to the ranks of freedom-loving governments everywhere.


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