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Starting to Pick Up Steam

As any follower of ours will know, the COVID lockdowns really put a damper on a movement that was chugging right along before the pandemic. One of the major reasons for this slowdown has been the implementation of social distancing measures and max capacity restrictions that prevented us from showing up in large numbers to these board meetings.

Time to Get Back to Attending in Person

If New York’s Governor can decide that it’s time to open back up and Chicago schools can start demanding teachers come back to school then I think it’s high time that we patriots get our backsides back over to these board meetings in person. If you recall, back when we first got started, we were packing entire gymnasiums and parking lots. This article is just a good reminder of how many people we were able to turn out in the past. By locking us in our homes and moving meetings to zoom, we were rendered ineffective at pressuring these boards to actually stand up for our rights. That time is over now. We have to get back in the game.

New Developments

Constitutional Sanctuaries

Recently there has been a move away from Second Amendment Sanctuaries and toward, Constitutional Sanctuaries. This comes after our rights have been trampled for months due to government overreach. Counties and towns are realizing that it is not just their Second Amendment rights that are under threat. There are a few counties and towns that passed resolutions or declarations (I think one county had leadership sign a “Manifesto”) opposing COVID19 lockdowns. They passed these in the last few days and they did not make it on this map, sadly. However, we will be adding them to the next national map. Any resolution that supports the constitution, by default supports the Second Amendment.


Recently there have been a few counties that are actually passing ordinances rather than just resolutions. For example, Kosciusko County, Indiana passed both a resolution AND an ordinance. Also, Umatilla County and Columbia County Oregon both passed Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances. I would like to make a suggestion. If your county passed a Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution, please take the next step and get them to pass a Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance. It has been done in counties all across the country and it should be done in your county as well.

Other Sanctuaries

On our site, you may have noticed a few other types of Sanctuaries being passed. That appears to be because these counties are taking the Second Amendment Sanctuary concept and applying it to other issues. We have a few of them on the site right now. There are Business Sanctuaries, Vaccine Mandate Sanctuaries, First Amendment Sanctuaries, Health Mandate Sanctuaries, and even Sanctuaries for the Unborn. We recently saw a town declare itself a COVID19 Sanctuary. Things are definitely heating up and heading in interesting directions. Stay tuned for more coverage of these new sanctuaries.

New Second Amendment Sanctuary County Updates

News Media

As usual, we try to make higher resolution national map graphics available for the news media to use when referencing this movement. All we ask is that if you use our graphics, please do not remove our logo from the map and also please include a link to our homepage: Aside from that, the map is free to use. Here is a link to the Google Drive folder where you will find our most up-to-date national map: Click Here!

If you’d like a slightly larger map, but don’t need the massive, full-resolution map, we did make one intermediate-sized map, that you can find by clicking here:

We don’t publish larger maps on these articles because the larger file size slows down the page load speeds.

New Resolutions

We have continued searching for and finding actual copies of the Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions that have passed in counties across the country. We now have hundreds of those resolutions for you to view. If you’d like to browse them, please visit this page:

New Sanctuary Counties

This month we have 11 new Sanctuary Counties for which we have published articles. A few of them were just adding counties that we had missed in previous map updates.

  • 1 – Alaska
  • 2 – Georgia
  • 3 – Maryland
  • 1 – Michigan
  • 1 – Minnesota
  • 1 – Oklahoma
  • 2 – Wisconsin

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