Picture showing a Pro Second Amendment Rally - Text reads: !st Amendment Sanctuary
Second Amendment Supporters rally in Richmond Virginia.

The Campbell County, Virginia Board of Supervisors passed a “First Amendment Sanctuary” resolution with a unanimous vote in support. As a county that had already passed a Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution, this move was not exactly unexpected. Hopefully, the rest of the counties in Virginia that have already passed a Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution will follow this example.

As was the case in many of the Gun Sanctuary resolutions, Campbell County is pushing back against what it believes are Governor Northam’s unconstitutional restrictions on the rights of county citizens due to COVID19. The resolution requests that the sheriff not assist in any enforcement actions related to Northam’s restrictions while also vowing to use no county funds to enforce them as well. Such clauses can be found in many of the hundreds of Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions that we have saved on our website.

According to WDBJ7, Matt Cline, the Concord district representative said, “We’re not gonna utilize county resources to enforce the governor’s orders. We’re not gonna allow county resources to be used in the enforcement by state agencies. We’re not gonna aid the Virginia Department of Health in shutting our businesses down.”


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