Picture shows a pregnant woman - Text reads,
Multiple cities are passing resolutions declaring themselves Sanctuaries for the Unborn.

Mirroring the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement that swept across the country earlier this year, there have now been 17 cities across the U.S. that have declared themselves to be “Sanctuaries for the Unborn”.

As reported on LifeNews.com, Ackerly, TX became the 17th city to pass an ordinance banning abortion. The ordinance passed with a unanimous vote of 6 to 0. The ordinances being passed are said to have public and private enforcement methods. The public enforcement mechanism allows for fines against abortionists who carry out abortions within city limits, but LifeNews states that it is unable to be enforced, “until Roe v. Wade is overturned.” Whereas, the private enforcement mechanism allows relatives of the unborn child to sue the abortionist for aborting the child.

We are very excited to see the beginnings of this Unborn Sanctuary movement. We’d like to encourage more cities to pass the same ordinances. Additionally, it would be great if we could see some counties begin to take up and pass these ordinances as well.

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