Picture showing Sanctuary Counties and MeWe logos and stating that people shouldn't let Facebook Censor them and that they should join 2A Sanctuary groups on MeWe.

If you were a member of a Second Amendment Sanctuary Group, there is a good chance that your group got shut down by the powers that be at Facebook. So far, we have seen multiple groups that had tens of thousands of members which were shut down for questionable reasons. Specifically, the Georgia, Kentucky and Michigan 2A Sanctuary groups were completely removed from Facebook. I’m sure others were taken down as well.

For those groups that still exist, in many cases they are finding that they are unable to speak their minds on various topics because they will be censored by Facebook’s “fact checkers”. Group quality scores are reduced, and people end up not finding group content as readily in their feeds. You are being overwhelmingly throttled, whether you are aware of it or not.

The photo above represents a slow week in Facebook “fact checking”. Facebook also took it upon themselves to force all group members to have every one of their posts approved by an admin or moderator before it would be added to the group. For groups with tens of thousands of members, this represented a MASSIVE throttling of content. Group admins are just people with passions just like yours who support various causes in their free time. They don’t have time to approve hundreds or thousands of posts per day in a Facebook group. Yet, Facebook forced them to do exactly that.

It’s time to leave Facebook

Facebook would be a great platform, if they didn’t seem to be so intent on messing it up. Unfortunately, we have to live in reality and the reality is that Facebook is no longer a viable option for conservatives in general and Second Amendment supporters in particular. It’s time we found a new place to call home. We think we’ve found that place at a site called MeWe. MeWe has been around since 2012, and their platform is VERY polished. It has many of the features that Facebook offers and it represents a viable alternative to Facebook groups. We have taken the liberty of creating a Facebook group to represent the 2A Sanctuary movements in every state in our great country. Below is a list of links to those MeWe groups. Please consider joining them and contributing to them. Also, please make sure to invite any friends that were in your Facebook 2A Sanctuary groups.

Second Amendment Sanctuary Groups on MeWe

National Group

2A Sanctuary Counties

State Level Groups