Picture showing Nick Freitas being crossed out and a tweet showing how he lost

It is being reported by @vpapupdates on Twitter, that it appears that while Nick Freitas was up by tens of thousands of votes last night; he has now lost to Abigail Spanberger after Henrico County found 14,616 absentee votes that were “overlooked on Election night.” They were apparently, “saved on a memory stick mislabeled as “provisional ballots.” On an election day where many localities are reporting irregularities, some might find this mysterious “overlooked / mislabeled memory stick,” as somewhat suspicious.

Do you have more information about this magic memory stick? If so, please comment below.


There is a legal fund being set up for a recount effort on behalf of Nick Freitas’ campaign in Virginia’s 7th District. The Virginia Project has shared info about that fund in a thread on Twitter. Info below:

Nick Freitas has just posted that he plans to wait for the final vote count.

Meanwhile, Abigail Spanberger went ahead and declared victory anyway.

I guess we’ll see how this plays out.


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