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How to turn your Second Amendment Sanctuary into a Business Sanctuary


While One-Third of U.S. Counties are Now Second Amendment Sanctuaries, there is at least one county out there that decided to go for extra credit. Eastland County, Texas not only passed a 2A Sanctuary Resolution, but they also passed a resolution making themselves a Sanctuary County for All Businesses. I had hoped to see a lot more counties across the country follow the example set by Eastland County, Texas. I actually have seen a few localities in California, of all places that have done this as well. However, I think that any county that is a Second Amendment Sanctuary County should consider becoming a Sanctuary for Business as well.

It occurred to me that part of the reason that more counties haven’t done this is that nobody is really talking about it. So, I figured I’d change that. If you live in a county that is locked down due to some overzealous governor, you should consider bringing a resolution like the one below to your county board and asking them to vote on it. I am going to include a link to a Microsoft Word version of this resolution that you can download and edit.

Download the document, replace “Eastland County” with the name of your county and swap out “Texas” with the name of your state and bring it to your county board. You all know how to do this; many of you have done this before. Eastland County, Texas actually passed their own Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution back on November 25th, 2019 and they decided to do the same thing for their county’s businesses. Basically, they are saying that they will not punish anyone for opening back up, and if the state wants to do something about it then they can do their own dirty work.

I wanted to remind you that you took an oath to the constitution of the united states of America and the constitution of the state of texas, not the governor of Texas.

Eastland County, Texas Commissioner’s Court Meeting, June 3, 2020

Verification Citation/Source: Eastland County Board of Commissioners
Resolution date passed: 3 June 2020
Vote Count: Unanimous




WHEREAS, Eastland County, Texas, recognizes that the Constitution of the United States as well as the Constitution of the State of Texas enshrines certain rights of all Americans, including those fundamental liberty interests set forth in the Fourteenth Amendment of the US Constitution that prohibits the state from depriving any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law; and,

WHEREAS, Eastland County recognizes that the US and Texas Declarations of Independence advance the “inalienable rights” of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the face of governmental overreach; and,

WHEREAS, each of the Eastland County duly elected and appointed public servants took a sacred oath to preserve, protect and defend the US Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Texas; and,

WHEREAS, Eastland County welcomes, honors and respects the contributions of all businesses and employees of said businesses, regardless of their size and regardless of whether they have been deemed “essential” by some government decree or not; and,

WHEREAS, Eastland County’s diverse and entrepreneurial businesses positively contribute to the economic, cultural and social fabric of the County; and,

WHEREAS, all businesses in the County have not only been a catalyst for the County’s economic health, but have been the backbone of the County throughout its long history; and,

WHEREAS, Eastland County businesses are socially responsible and are capable and willing to maintain effective health protocols to ensure that Eastland County remains one of the strongest COVID-19 success stories in Texas; and,

WHEREAS, fostering a relationship of trust, respect and open communication between county officials and businesses is essential to the County’s mission of delivering effective public services in partnership with the community, thereby advancing a high quality of life for local residents; and,

WHEREAS, Eastland County seeks to foster trust, not fear, between County officials and businesses and citizens, while properly allocating limited local resources and encouraging cooperation and open communication, to ensure public safety and due process for all, irrespective of business status; and,

WHEREAS, Eastland County desires to demonstrate its commitment to its businesses and citizens by providing a safe community and by assuring them that, in accordance with federal and state laws and all state licensing authorities, the County will not of its own accord abridge such freedoms and rights; and,

WHEREAS, Eastland County recognizes and honors the inalienable rights of individuals, as individuals, to earn a living, to employ others or to be employed, to provide income for their families, to give back to the community, to treat neighbors with respect and care, and contribute to the overall health and well-being of the community, without the need for undue government overreach, coercion and control; and,

WHEREAS, on November 25, 2019, in this very Commissioners’ Court, a motion was made to approve a Resolution Declaring Eastland County to be a Second Amendment Sanctuary County which was approved unanimously by this Commissioners’ Court; and,

WHEREAS, the Eastland County Commissioners’ Court understands, respects and has a duty to protect the United States Constitution and the Texas Constitution.

THEREFORE, BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED, that Eastland County will, in accordance with state and federal law, and in order to properly allocate limited local resources and optimize cooperation and communication to ensure public safety and due process for all, irrespective of business status; and,

Be it FURTHER RESOLVED that Eastland County shall not, in accordance with state and federal law, take any direct action against any business or individuals based solely on their actual or perceived business status; and,

Be it FURTHER RESOLVED that Eastland County recognizes that state and county authorities directly license, permit and regulate certain businesses within the county and nothing in this Resolution is intended to abridge such authorities from overseeing applicable license regulations and restraints, if any, on such businesses; and,

Be it FURTHER RESOLVED that, subject to the foregoing, Eastland County hereby declares that Eastland County is a Sanctuary County for all businesses; and considers all businesses essential; and,

Be it FURTHER RESOLVED that the Eastland County Commissioners’ Court supports opening all businesses without restrictions or limitations that would allow businesses to fight for their very economic survival and livelihood.

Eastland County Texas Resolution Declaring Eastland County a Sanctuary County for All Businesses.

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