Sanctuary Counties and All American Podcast

On Saturday, Sept. 12, I was interviewed by Paul Seawright from All American Magazine. It was a great interview in which our primary topic was the progress of the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement. We also got into some background information about me and how I got involved in the Second Amendment / gun rights community. I mentioned the violence that I started to see against conservatives in public places and expanded upon my time in the military and the fact that in Boot Camp, I didn’t even get to fire a live weapon.

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Another topic of discussion was why people should be concerned about their Second Amendment rights, where I mentioned my growth from someone who didn’t really pay attention to politics and their impact on my rights to someone who has become politically aware of the threats against my rights and willing to stand up and advocate for them.

During our discussion, we covered how someone can begin the process of making their county a Second Amendment Sanctuary County, and I pointed out the article I wrote about this process, conveniently named, “How to Become a Sanctuary County“. For this article, I actually surveyed many of the people who were involved in the Second Amendment Sanctuaries movement here in Virginia and asked them what some of the steps were in our state so that I could share that knowledge with anyone else who was interested in getting started in their county.

We talked a bit about the fact that this movement has been generally grassroots in nature, despite the fact that the left seems hell bent on attributing our successes to the amorphous “gun lobby” that they typically blame for anything related to guns. I pointed out that we were somewhat dismayed by the lack of support from organizations like the NRA, while local organizations like the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) were amazingly helpful in giving us a goal and a template to follow.

There were a number of other topics covered in this discussion, so if any of this interests you then you should definitely listen to the podcast. While you are at it, I would highly encourage you to subscribe to the All American Podcast on your podcast player of choice. Also, check out the All American Blog for some very good articles.

I would like to thank Paul for having me on his amazing show. I look forward to listening to and perhaps participating in future episodes.


  1. Noah, it was an absolute pleasure speaking with you and I have the utmost respect for your mission to help preserve our constitutional rights. I wish you all the best and success in your future endeavors and hope to have you back again in the not too distant future. I intend to spread your message far and wide!

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