Our First-Ever Video Interview with Alaskan Ballistics


Late Night Gun Chat #16 Sanctuary Counties

I’d like to thank Alaskan Ballistics, for having me on for our first interview. Also, I’d like to thank CloverTac and Pat RMG for joining and for offering so much amazing support.

In this chat, we discussed the Sanctuary Counties movement, including how I got involved in it as it was beginning in Virginia as well as my realization that it was spreading outside of Virginia. We discussed how I and my Editor in Chief, David Tripp decided to expand the website to archive this movement as it marched across the country. I also showed off our Resolutions page, where anyone who is looking for examples of resolutions that have passed in other counties can go to find samples of language to include in a resolution of their own. For that matter, we also discussed my article, How to Become a Sanctuary County that gives some steps that individuals can follow to get a resolution passed in their own county.

It was a great interview and I was honored to be invited. I would encourage you to check out their channels and websites (linked above), subscribe and hit up their Patreon pages to send some funds their way and support what they do in the Second Amendment community.