North Carolina 2A Sanctuary Counties Map Update

This map shows all of the counties in the state of North Carolina that have passed resolutions in support of the Second Amendment. If you know of any counties that are not represented in green on this map but have actually passed a Second Amendment Sanctuary (or similar, i.e. “Constitutional Sanctuary,” “Bill of Rights Sanctuary,” etc) resolution, then please reach out to us at and let us know and we’ll get that updated for our next national and North Carolina 2A Sanctuary Counties state map updates.

Map Note

The list of counties on the bottom of the map is indicating those counties which are too small to have their names inside of them on the map. The names are represented on the map instead by numbers corresponding to the names of the counties on the list at the bottom. The counties in that list are not necessarily Second Amendment Sanctuaries. The same applies to counties whose names are listed around the outside of the state. They simply couldn’t fit on the map. Only the counties colored green are Second Amendment Sanctuaries.

North Carolina Sanctuary Counties List

If you would like to see a list of all of the counties that have passed resolutions in support of the Second Amendment, you can check out our North Carolina category page here on the site: On this page, you can always find the most up to date list of counties in North Carolina that have passed Second Amendment resolutions.

High Resolution North Carolina 2A Sanctuary Map

To keep page load speeds fast, we try to use high quality, but low file size graphics here on the site. However, if you’d like a high-resolution version of our North Carolina 2A Sanctuary Counties Map, we have one in a shared Google Drive folder. You can download it here:

National Second Amendment Sanctuary Map

Here is a link to our latest National 2A Sanctuary Counties Map.