Still Making Progress

While it would appear that the lockdowns are continuing to cause somewhat of a slowdown in progress, there are still patriots out there championing the Second Amendment Sanctuary cause and pushing this movement forward. We prefer to wait until there are more updates to announce, however it had been a while since the last National Map update so we figured it was a good time to publish one.

Constitutional Sanctuaries?

Lately, we have seen some counties that are pursuing Sanctuary status for more than just the Second Amendment. This is not a new thing, but given the fact that we are seeing an increase in mayors and governors looking to exercise more power and trample more of our rights, it makes sense that we would see counties making a push to protect the rest of their Constitutional rights as well. In the past, we have always included “Constitutional Sanctuaries” on our map and we will continue to do so.

No Local Gun Laws

We have been watching the “No Local Gun Laws” push being led by the amazing Virginia Citizens Defense League. If you were not aware of this new effort, it is an attempt to counter Gov. Northam’s new law that allows localities to create gun laws that are stricter than those that exist at the state level.

Northam’s desired result in enabling these “Local Gun Laws,” is to make it so difficult to know where you can and cannot carry a gun that you simply opt out of carrying one altogether. So, VCDL is working with all the same counties that passed the initial round of Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions. They have gotten a number of these new resolutions passed already, with hopefully a lot more to come.

We are still keeping an eye on this effort. We’re not sure yet how (or if) we are going to add some special documentation for it on our articles or our maps. However, if you’d like to keep track of it, the VCDL is posting updates regarding this effort on their homepage: While you’re there, you should consider joining VCDL and helping them fight for our Second Amendment rights by visiting their Join VCDL page:

New Sanctuary County Updates

News Media

As usual, we try to make higher resolution national map graphics available for the news media to use when referencing this movement. All we ask is that if you use our graphics, please do not remove our logo from the map and also please include a link to our homepage: Aside from that, the map is free to use. Here is a link to the Google Drive folder where you will find our most up-to-date national map: Click Here!

New Resolutions

We have continued searching for and finding actual copies of the Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions that have passed in counties across the country. We now have hundreds of those resolutions for you to view. If you’d like to browse them, please visit this page:

New Sanctuary Counties

This month we have 8 new Sanctuary Counties for which we have published articles and 3 others which we are still tracking down copies of the supporting documentation. We know they have passed resolutions and we’ll get articles up for them as soon as possible, but we went ahead and marked them on the map.

  • 1 – AK
  • 4 – GA
  • 1 – MN
  • 1 – SC
  • 4 – WI

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Finally a big thank you to all of the patriots who have been following the work we are doing here and sharing it on social media. This really is a lot of work, and honestly, we’re just a few Veterans working on gathering this information in our spare time to keep you all up to date. If any of you would like to volunteer to work with us, just send us an email at We’d be happy for any assistance. Thank you all so much!


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