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Wisconsin 2A Sanctuary Counties Map Update – 8-4-2020


8-1-2020: Grant County becomes the 13th county to pass the 2A resolution in Wisconsin with a 14-2 vote in favor. Despite a favorable start, Barron County failed to pass the 2A resolution once it reached the full county board for a vote and ends up red on the map. Price County has been updated to reflect that the resolution has failed to make it beyond the June 12 Law Enforcement Committee meeting. There’s still the potential to have the resolution make it out of the committee and pass to the full board for a vote.

7-19-2020: Both Washington and Sawyer Counties approved their 2A resolutions. Washington took their resolution a step further and C all constitutional rights. You can read more about it here.

Sawyer County then became the 12th county in Wisconsin to approve a 2nd Amendment resolution.

7-6-2020: Since our last update, two counties have voted against the resolution in Wisconsin. Both Price and Kenosha counties declined to pass their versions of the 2nd Amendment Resolution. This comes after a month where four counties passed the resolution and momentum was gaining in the state. With Covid-19 restrictions in place in many counties and with the challenge of facing other resolutions at the county level that would give health officials unprecedented powers, Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty, continues to work with citizens across the state to keep this at the forefront.

Kenosha County failed to pass the resolution at the county level, but did add an advisory referendum to November’s ballot that will seek to make Wisconsin a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State.


  1. I talked to walk Madsen in price county a week ago. He said it isn’t denied that they just need to rework it before a vote.

  2. Thanks Clint! I did confirm that we are hoping to have the vote reconsidered and Walt is trying to flip a “NO” to a “YES” for the next meeting. Hope is not lost on Price County!

  3. Hi. I am working towards bringing a 2A resolution to Wood County and will be presenting it to the Wood County Public Health and Safety committee this August 10. I have contacted several members of the County supervisors and it looks good for now. More later👍

    • That’s awesome, Mike! If you can, please forward a signed copy of your resolution to contact@sanctuarycounties.com when you can get your hands on it. Even a nicely lined up cell phone camera picture of it will suffice (if it is at a decent resolution).

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