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100% Disabled Air Force Veteran Needs Help


Before I get into this article, I want to give you the most important information that you need to take from this. There’s a 100% service-connected disabled Air Force Veteran who is in trouble and needs your help. His family has set up a fundraising website. Here is the link: https://standwithjillian.org/. Please go to this site and give whatever you can to help him and his family out. Now, for more background information, keep reading.

Oakland University Cowards

I wanted to get directly into the new information, but I think it is important to point out the disgusting actions of the staff at Oakland University. How dare you fire a 100% disabled Veteran without even hearing his side of the story first? Are 100% disabled Veterans not allowed to protect their wives and unborn children while in the employ of your University? If not, then shame on you and I hope that no future Veterans consider enrolling at your university considering your lack of support for the Veteran community.

If anyone would like to reach out to the “good folks” at Oakland University, please refer to the following information:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oaklandu/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/oaklandu
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oaklandu/


If you’d like, instead to speak to the President of Oakland University, please refer to the information listed below:

Ora Hirsch Pescovitz:
PHONE (248) 370-3500
EMAIL president@oakland.edu

Make sure to tell her how disgusting the actions of her university are and how the university has betrayed the Veteran community by firing someone for defending themselves and their pregnant wife and unborn child. Make doubly sure that you refuse to recognize “political correctness” as an excuse for unacceptable actions against a military Veteran.

New information brought to light

Watch the video embedded below if you’d like to see the full story of how all of this went down.

100% service-connected disabled

In a newly released interview with John Correia, owner, and host of the Active Self Protection YouTube channel, Jillian and Eric Wuestenberg shed new light on what happened during the altercation outside of a Chipotle restaurant that turned their whole world upside down. There were a number of new details that we learned from this interview, but the one that inspired me to write this article is the fact that Eric Wuestenberg is a 100% service-connected disabled Air Force Veteran with more than 13 years of service to his country.

Picture of the disabled parking spot outside of Chipotle

John Correia pointed out something that I hadn’t noticed upon first viewing the videos. The Wuestenbergs were parked in a disabled parking spot. They were parked there for the simple reason that Eric Wuestenberg sustained some form of substantial injury during his time in service. As a Veteran who has a VA disability rating, I can attest to you that you don’t get a 100% disability rating for a small injury. For comparison, I fractured my spine while in the military and I don’t even have a 100% rating.

Eric did not go into detail about what his medical issues were, however, we should still respect the fact that he received his injuries in the line of duty. Additionally, when we consider the question of whether or not it was appropriate for a firearm to be introduced into this equation, we should keep in mind the fact that not only was Jillian pregnant at the time, but there is also a very good chance that her husband was not in a position due to his disabilities to physically contribute to the defense of his wife and unborn child. It was effectively a pregnant woman standing against two aggressive women who had attacked her vehicle and left her with no way to escape. Additionally, while you can say that a 15-year-old is not an adult, what you will never convince me of is the notion that a 15-year-old cannot represent a threat, especially against a pregnant woman. Given the threats and aggressive behavior of these two women, there is absolutely no reason to believe that Jillian did not feel as though her life and that of her child was in danger.

Vehicle safety system locked up the car

One of my major contentions with the actions of Wuestenbergs was the fact that they could have just driven off and avoided this entire situation. Or at least that was what I thought. However, after watching the interview with John Correia, I have found that in this assumption I was mistaken. Apparently, the mother of the 15-year-old had gotten behind the car and struck it hard enough to activate a safety system that locked up the vehicle and rendered it motionless. They were unable to continue backing out of the parking space because their car was rendered unable to move backward by the actions of this woman. So, not only did they prevent Jillian from entering the vehicle until her husband forced the issue, they effectively prevented the Wuestenbergs from leaving the scene as well by attacking their vehicle from behind.

They weren’t backed up far enough to escape by driving forward

Another thing that I had wondered about was why they didn’t just pull forward and exit that way. In the interview, the Wuestenbergs addressed this issue as well. It may be difficult to see, but there was apparently another vehicle to the left of their vehicle. They did not believe that they could simply pull out to the left without striking that vehicle. They were boxed in by the mother in the rear a restaurant in the front, a curb and fence on the right, and another car to the left side.

A stationary car is a coffin

I have watched more self-defense videos than just about anyone I know. Most followers of the Active Self Protection channel on YouTube can say the same thing. So, one fundamental lesson that followers of that channel would be able to recite is that in a kinetic force attack, remaining in a stationary vehicle is the equivalent of remaining in your own coffin. While your attacker has free range to move around and seek whatever angle or cover is most advantageous to them, you are basically stuck in one spot with ineffective protection around you. If you were wondering, no, car doors are not an effective protection against bullets. Neither are car windows.

Keep in mind that only a few days before this incident a man in Provo Utah had been shot in his vehicle during a protest. I cannot say for sure that the Wuestenbergs were aware of this, but the point is that you don’t know how an attack against your vehicle can escalate. Jillian mentions in this video that she actually thought her window had been broken out. They couldn’t move their car in any direction and there was at least one person actively beating on their vehicle. They were boxed in and under attack. She also stated that she felt as though that day was the day she was going to die. She was in fear for her life and she acted accordingly.

If you are stuck in an immovable vehicle, it is not beyond the realm of reason that you might want to get out of that vehicle to obtain a better position to protect yourself and your loved ones. Additionally, from the interview, we learn that apparently the mother’s strike of the vehicle was so powerful that the Wuestnebergs actually thought the window had been broken out. Let us not forget also that there was more than one strike against the vehicle. These two had no idea what the extent of the damage was to the vehicle. It’s easy to second guess this from the comfort of one’s couch while watching a grainy video on one’s cell phone, but when it’s happening in real-time, not all the facts are available to the victims and they have to respond in the best way they know how. In this case, it means that the Wuestenbergs exited the vehicle to seek better means of protecting themselves.

Disarmed and Doxed

One of the most troubling aspects of this situation is what has happened to the Wuestenberg family after the incident. They had their weapons taken from them and are they are now effectively unprotected. While this is bad enough on its own, the matter is compounded because these two were accused of being racist for defending themselves against black people, and so of course social media did as social media does.

These two were almost immediately doxed, their personal information tracked down and posted on the Internet for all to see. Phone numbers, emails, home address, etc. They have received death threats from people who now know precisely where they live and are well aware that they are now defenseless. They have 4 children and they stated in the interview that they are basically in hiding now for fear of their lives and those of their children. How is it possible that a disabled military Veteran with more than 13 years of service, is all but being hunted in his own country? Eric stated in the interview that he and his family are literally on the run, looking over their shoulders at every turn. If you agree that this is wrong and cannot be allowed to stand please visit the website standwithjillian.org and support them as much as you can.


  1. Something similar happened to me in Bowie County. I defended myself badly against 2 folks. Proved Preplanned for 2 months. I’m homebound and caregiver of a 3 war veteran… they threatened with yet another burn out if I talked. I didn’t but went to jail 6 days later refused medical not given a number couldn’t call out. no one talked to me I was refused medical i have CHF and COPD asthma gout and bone tumors had 2 broken ribs on my left rib cage from being stomped methodically and front and back. The judge’s son used to sleep on my couch. she gave me an outrageous bond. made me sign papers stating had bruises when i got there as they are famous for deaths and brutality. After 12 years caring frmy 90-year-old 3 war veteran father that chartered the VFW and I helped charter the ladies auxiliary. was sr vp for 8 years. have helped many. it cost me 10,000.00 to get to of jail. being a property owner they refused to even take my statement. taxation without representtion. they considered me guilty before indictment. on 4 felons word 1 with a fixation for old ladies. while in jail i was robbed blind and my father left at unmerciless predators. many prayers. all my support. We must stand together defend our rights our homes and ng anyone be harmed, bullied or discriminated against. Its not a crime to be disliked or different. i know of no one sin-free with the right to throw stones. Im willing to do anything I can. Whether folks know it or not they are next. one another against the bullies. Defend the defenseless. Quit standing by and watching.

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