Slowly Moving Forward

This update is not as large as some that we’ve published in the past, however, we are still making progress. It is important that we continue pushing because as we have recently seen, we are not going to get any support from the Supreme Court. They had 10 cases that they could have taken up to support our Second Amendment rights and they passed on all of them. We’re very much on our own here, so since we are getting no top cover from higher levels, we’ll just have to continue pursuing our rights at lower levels like states, counties and cities.

Just symbolic?

As a site that follows the news regarding Second Amendment Sanctuaries quite closely, we’ve noted that there is a common refrain used by most reporters when they publish a story about a new county declaring Sanctuary status. They often mention that “this resolution is mostly symbolic”. To a certain extent, this is true in many cases. These counties are often just passing resolutions and not actually creating new laws that can be enforced, so in that sense it is true that the resolutions are symbolic. We have also seen where the media likes to put in terminology such as “so-called” to try and attack the legitimacy of the passing of such resolutions.

However, we like to point out that symbols are not without purpose. If you are running for an elected office and you see a map like ours, you’d be smart to realize that it symbolizes the extent to which your potential constituents support their Second Amendment rights. If you’re running for office in a state that is covered in green, then that serves as a warning to you that it may not be in your best political interests to get squishy on 2A rights. County by county, we are painting a picture for any future political candidates running for office in our states to ensure that they are aware of just how seriously we take this issue. So, while it may be true that these resolutions are symbolic in nature, we believe that it is a symbol worth making.

New Sanctuary County Updates

News Media

As usual, we try to make higher resolution national map graphics available for the news media to use when referencing this movement. All we ask is that if you use our graphics, please do not remove our logo from the map and also please include a link to our homepage: Aside from that, the map is free to use. Here is a link to the Google Drive folder where you will find our most up-to-date national map: Click Here!

Article Updates

As always, we endeavor to ensure that our articles are as accurate as possible. Sometimes that means we have to go back and make some updates. For this map, we have updated 5 articles in Tennessee and 1 in West Virginia.

New Resolutions

We have continued searching for and finding actual copies of the Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions that have passed in counties across the country. We now have hundreds of those resolutions for you to view. If you’d like to browse them, please visit this page:

Article Updates, By The Numbers:

The following list includes all of the states that had articles updated along with the number of articles updated per state:

  • 5 TN
  • 1 WV

New Sanctuary Counties

As mentioned above, this map update is not as big as previous updates, however we want to keep documenting our progress regardless. We have 12 new Sanctuary Counties across 10 different states. In case you were not already aware, we do not add counties to our map until we have a corresponding article on our site with some form of verification that the county has passed a Pro-2A / 2A Sanctuary County resolution.

New Map Breakdown

  • 1 IN
  • 1 MD
  • 1 MI
  • 2 MN
  • 1 ND
  • 1 OH
  • 1 PA
  • 1 SD
  • 2 TN
  • 1 WY

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If you support the work that we are doing, please consider supporting us on Patreon. Keeping a site like this up and running can be expensive, so if you’d like to help us out, please visit:

Finally a big thank you to all of the patriots who have been following the work we are doing here and sharing it on social media. This really is a lot of work, and honestly, we’re just a few Veterans working on gathering this information in our spare time to keep you all up to date. If any of you would like to volunteer to work with us, just send us an email at We’d be happy for any assistance. Thank you all so much!


  1. Wondering how many counties total of the 3,141 counties in the USA have passed second amendment sanctuary resolutions.

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