California ammo law shot down & GOA requests help to allow you to carry on federal property


In this video from Guns & Gadgets, Jared discusses the fact that there was some great news out of California about the striking down of the Ammunition Background Check law requirement. The entire law, proposition 63, is done according to this video. He states that as of right now, you can buy ammunition without a background check in California. The video points out that you can also buy online ammunition and have it delivered to your house.

Guns & Gadgets actually hosted a live stream about this California law getting shot down yesterday:

In other news, on April 13th the Army Corps of Engineers has published a request period for comment on a proposed regulation that would bring the Army Corps of Engineers land back in sync with the federal parks as far as exercising your 2nd Amendment rights on that land. The open comment period ends on June 12, 2020. There is a link below where you can read in more detail and then fill out the form.

Click the link above to fill out a form telling the Army Corps of Engineers that you support the use of firearms on public lands.