Wuhan Virus Sanctuary Counties Impact

How are you dealing with the impact of the Wuhan Virus on your efforts to become a Sanctuary County? How are you dealing with board meetings getting shut down? How are you dealing with large gatherings being shut down? We want to hear how you are dealing or planning to deal with the major roadblocks caused by this Chinese virus so we can share this information with other counties in the same situation.

One of the reasons that we decided to write this article is because we are starting to notice a slowdown in the number of counties declaring sanctuary status. We are also starting to notice that local governments (boards of supervisors / commissioners / etc) are cancelling meetings in multiple states, cities and townships. If you have found a way to get around these issues, we want to let everyone know about it because we can guarantee that your county is not the only one facing this right now. We want to get the word out to everyone else to let them know about ways to work around this foreign disease so that our movement can continue to move forward.

If you have come up with ways to move forward, please consider commenting below and sharing your ideas. If you would prefer, you can also email them to contact@sanctuarycounties.com and we will add them to the comments for you.

Finally, if you need a platform to publish information about the Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties efforts going on in your area during this time of crisis, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our website is totally open for you to use, free of charge. We created this website to be a platform for YOU. Large gatherings and county government meetings may be getting cancelled, but our website is still here and you are welcome to use it to help get the message out while we are all dealing with these issues.