By: David Tripp
9 Mar 2020

In the weakest way possible and showing they do not take the issue seriously enough to put it within the county record their stance. The Spartanburg County Board of Commissioners issue a ‘letter’ signed by all seven of the commissioners, that has reportedly been sent to Sen. Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott and Rep. William Timmons aswell as the Spartanburg County Legislative Delegation. Not listed was Gov. Henry Dargan McMaster as he is not listed as part of the delegation. The board refused to bring it up for a vote.

With no citations of supreme court rulings, no terminology used from within the constitutions themselves merely citing articles they know the readers will never go research, no promise to not appropriate funds toward actions that would infringe upon their constituents rights if against the will of the people such legislation was forced upon them. Not even a mention to the various types of legislation the state is considering such as ‘red flag’ laws or laws that would turn honest citizens into felons for their passage.

Verification Citation/Source: Spartanburg County Board of Commissioners
Letterhead release date: 9 Mar 2020
Vote Count: No vote made