By: David Tripp
9 Mar 2020

In Scotland County NC, More than 20 residents spoke and at times it got pretentious as certain people were granted more time than others. Some of the audience members got aggravated over this matter with the board. The vote was called to pass a revised resolution, the vote was 6-1 in favor. The current source does not go into specifics about the resolution other than it was pro-second amendment. Soon as more info is available we will update.

2:25 Discussion began
1:27:40 The revised resolution was read
1:31:30 A call for vote was made

Verification Citation/Source: Scotland County Board of Commissioners
Source URL:
Resolution date passed: 9 Mar 2020
Vote Count: 6-1
Yay: Commissioners Chair-Bob Davis, Vice Chair-Carol McCall, Betty Gholston, Whit Gibson, Tim Ivey, Clarence McPhatter
Nay: Commissioner John Alford