In an amazing turn of events, the Gun Owners of America organization has filed a Red Flag order against Senator Charles Schumer following his speech in front of the Supreme Court where some say that he threatened 2 Supreme Court justices.

It would appear from this press release, that GOA is operating under the assumption that New York won’t be applying their Red Flag laws equally. The likelihood that they will hold Senator Schumer to the letter of this law is probably very low. However, hopefully, this opens a few eyes among these lawmakers as to the reasons that Second Amendment supporters oppose such laws. It doesn’t seem like such a great idea when it is used against you, does it?

Below is the actual letter that was sent by the GOA to Gov. Cuomo:

To download a copy of the original document, click here.


  1. According to our Declaration of Independence & our United States Constitution, citizens are not supposed to be ruled.

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