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Cass County MI, pass a reaffirmation of oath resolution


By: David Tripp
5 Mar 2020

Refusing to use the terminology ‘Sanctuary’, ‘Safe Haven’ or even ‘Refuge’, to leave out what extent the county would go to protect its citizens, or to what it would even do if infringement was to happen or has happened. This resolution can only be taken as Status Quo, and a willingness to allow their citizens to be trampled.

No mention within the resolution was made about contacting the legislature or governor or about nullifying, removing, or preventing encroachment upon the rights of law abiding citizens. Nothing was said about putting the blame of criminal acts on those responsible and not on those who adhere to the law.

While I commend them for passing ‘something’, the bare minimum is not what I expect out of any Michigan county, and should be seen as an embarrassment that those elected officials would not be willing to declare more for the people or even for the supreme law of the land that they swore the oath to.

Verification Citation/Source:
Resolution date passed: 5 Mar 2020

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