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Bloomberg thought it would be a good idea to hold a town hall in Virginia

Bloomberg Town hall

Gun owners in Virginia appear to have found a new pastime: showing up at Bloomberg events. On March 2nd, some Second Amendment supporters showed up at his Fox News town hall to ask the presidential candidate why he thought he was more deserving of protection from firearms than the average man or woman. His answer was some ridiculous rambling about how he gets threats and he paid for the security with his own money, etc, etc… Typical dancing around the issue.

He even had the nerve to say that he was not trying to take anyone’s guns away. It was utter nonsense and the crowd let him know. This isn’t the first event that Bloomberg has held in Virginia to which these patriots have invited themselves either. They also recently invited themselves to a Democrat fundraising gala that he made an appearance at.

Second Amendment supporters protesting Democrat Fundraiser (From VCDL Group)

These anti-Bloomberg parties seem like great fun and I think we should all try to attend one whenever he’s in town. Great work folks!

P.S. Don’t let us Virginians have all the fun. If he shows up in your neck of the woods, feel free to join in!

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